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What are your tips for getting ready on the BIG DAY?

“When the day approaches and oh does time fly, you need to renew your mind.  This is the most important tip I could possibly give. Forget all the stress and hard work that you put into making your day special and know that it is time to enjoy the rewards. Make sure you have a positive mindset with EVERYTHING to come.

I say this knowing that it’s a stressful day – but remember not everything is going to go as planned and THAT’S OK! I remember telling myself that even if my wedding cake falls over, we will cut the cake off the floor and enjoy it anyway lol.

Set it in your mind that this is the day you marrying the love of your life and that nothing else matters.

Whatever doesn’t go as planned, remember that no one else knows this but you.

Set this positive mindset before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning, be positive, peaceful and joyful.

Make sure you know there is a set plan when getting ready. This needs to be completed before the big day.  It is very important that you leave this schedule with your bridal team and allow them to run with it. It’s not for you to worry about anything.

Make sure you have some snacks and drinks while you get ready. I know the nerves are definitely setting in but take time to nourish your body. You don’t want to faint going down the aisle. Enjoy a glass of champagne with the special people around you – remember this is a celebration.

Take a minute and sit by yourself and read the vows you have written or the speech you are going to tell or just think about the union you are entering Into. Just fill your heart with love.

Take the time to have some chats with the special people around you, moms and dads especially. It’s a big emotional day for them too. Make them feel loved.

Lastly, enjoy it! The most amazing day of your life has arrived, it goes so quick! In the blink of an eye, it will be done. Take in every moment, enjoy every moment and lastly have the best day of your life !”

Bride: Candice Martin

Photographer: BrightLiquidLight

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