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Tips for planning a winter wedding

Tips for planning a winter wedding

A winter wedding can be magical and very romantic, but there are a few things that you will need to take into consideration. If you are planning a winter wedding do not stress with the proper planning beforehand it will turn out to be a special wedding to be never forgotten.

Here are some tips for planning a winter wedding:

It will be cold so you will defiantly need to invest in some winter accessories like a veil, cape, or alternatively wear a long-sleeved wedding dress. If it is very cold you can always wear thick tights under your wedding dress. This can work for your bridesmaids too. This is fine if your dresses are going to belong.

Warm velvet blazers for the men are the new trend. It’s a nice thick material which will keep you nice and warm.

Boots can look and be stylish for the bride especially if it is raining.

Dry lips and skin are always inevitable during winter seasons. Keeping your lips nice and moistured for the run-up to your big day is a good idea. Use a good face moisturiser and have a lip balm for dry lips close by.

If possible it is advisable to have your ceremony and reception all in one venue, this will make transport easier if due to bad weather conditions.

In winter you could add romance with candles. It will get darker earlier in winter be sure to have candles in your ceremony and reception area to embrace it with lots of romance.

The best winter wedding colours to decorate are to use colours such as berry reds, burgundies, blacks and golds and you could also add extra winter romance by adding some natural greens.

Make sure that you have someone at the door taking your guests coats and keeping them safe.

Make sure that your guests are kept nice and warm during your wedding you would hate for people to be uncomfortably cold you could have gas heaters placed around and offer a warm drink on arrival.

It gets dark earlier during winter times so make sure you schedule your photos on a time when there is more light during the day. Taking the photos before your ceremony could also be a good idea. But speak to your photographer they will be able to help you decide on all of these factors that you will need to take into consideration to make your big day a memorable one.

You could have some umbrellas available for outside or during your photo time incase the rain might start to come. Black umbrellas would work nicely and do the job for you.

If you are going to be wearing high heels, it is a good idea that you maybe have a spare pair of shoes to wear outside during photos as you do not want your high heels to be sinking into wet mud, grass or snow. Handwarmers on your hands during photo time can also help from cold hands.

With these tips and planning ahead for a special winter wedding, you will be sure to have a magical one. Are you planning a wedding and looking for bridal accessories for sale? Box Boutique can help you we have a wide range of bridal accessories for you to choose from.

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